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Huacaya Alpacas breeding Stock


Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Alberta Rose's Crissy Huacaya Open (Female) Dark Brown 13 yrs Ask for Price
Ariya Belenis' Anael Huacaya Open (Female) Light Fawn 6 yrs
Ariya Belenis' Antique Lace Huacaya Open (Female) White 5 yrs
Ariya Dynasty's Lisbet Huacaya Open (Female) Beige 7 yrs
Ariya Nitro's Arie Huacaya Open (Female) White 10 yrs
Ariya Pure Reserve's True Spirit Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Fawn 7 yrs
FDA Rembrandt's Brittany Huacaya Open (Female) White 13 yrs
J Creek Conopa's Passion Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Fawn 8 yrs Ask for Price
NGA Sitania Huacaya Open (Female) White 16 yrs
Orlando's Maringo Cloud Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Fawn 11 yrs
Snowmass Inspired Reflections Huacaya Open (Female) White 7 yrs
Snowmass Spellbound Midnight Huacaya Open (Female) Dark Fawn 5 yrs
Sunnyhill Conopa's Spirit Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Fawn 10 yrs